Business Savings

Earn interest on excess funds

Business funds deposited into a Central Bank Business Savings account earns interest daily and pay interest quarterly.

Account/Term Interest Rate APY

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Business Money Market

Maximize earnings with checking account convenience

Central Bank Business Money Market is the best account for your investment dollars, while still allowing you access to your funds at any time. This account requires a minimum collected balance of $1,000 with up to six debits per month - three (3) checks and three (3) electronic withdrawals. Withdrawals done in person at the bank are unlimited.

Account/Amount Interest Rate APY

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High Yield Money Market Account

Central Bank's High Yield Money Market Account allows higher interest for customers who want the convenience of electronic and online transactions including statements and who open or have a personal Central Bank checking account. The minimum balance is $10,000.00. This account offers up to six (6) withdrawals (online or electronic) per month without a fee. If your balance falls below $10,000 there will be a $10 charge and no interest will be earned. If you have more than six (6) withdrawals in a month there will be a charge of $10 per item over six.

Account/Amount Interest Rate APY *

*Annual percentage yield

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Corporate Sweep Account

An investment product for maximizing deposited funds

Designed for accounts with high-dollar balances, the Central Bank Sweep Account sweeps unused balances into an investment account on a daily basis. (Not FDIC insured)

Contact any Central Bank officer for further information.

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